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Whether you're a tribute, a demigod, a shadowhunter, a wizard, or Divergent, you all have one thing in common. You my friend are part of the wonderful, and painful, book fandom world. The membership includes favorite characters, plot twists, and cliffhangers, all drawing you closer and closer to the inevitable end to the book or series. Now, I just fell a bit like ranting about the ups and downs of the first three of the above mentioned fandoms.

The Hunger Games:

The characters are amazing. You have Katniss, who is so brave and relatable. Then there's Peeta, always sweet and kind to Katniss. Prim is adorable. Effie and Haymitch offer comic relief. There is a great balance. President Snow, even, is a fantastic character. I don't mean his sparkling, sunny personality, but he's so dark, evil, and cold, and does such awful things, I love to hate him. Without his evil, we have no good to root for.

The annoying thing though, to me, is that Katniss doesn't choose Peeta from the beginning and considers Gale for so long. How could you resist Peeta's sheer niceness. Is it just me or is Mockingjay too sad? They kill off so many great characters and there is so much bleakness. I am known to love a perfect happy ending though.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians/The Heroes of Olympus:

I'm lumping these two together because they are really one long series and the characters are the same. There is so much good in these books; the cute couples, great friends, families, and Rick Riordan's epic sense of humor. I get so jealous of the characters and their adventures, wishing I could live in the book.

The bad and painful part of this fandom is obvious. There are too many cliffhangers! I get the new book, I read it in two days, and come face to face with a massive, suspenseful cliffhanger, and then I want to cry. The next book doesn't come out for another year, so I'm left wondering until the next book comes out for me to tear through, leaving me with a new cliffhanger. It's a vicious cycle. Not to mention, I'm always wondering if my favorite character is going to die because they get into some pretty serious and life threatening situations.

The Mortal Instruments/The Infernal Devices:

Yet another two that should be lumped together. I'm in love with their life as shadowhunters, and half the characters. Then there's the fabulous Magnus Bane, one of the most fabulous characters ever. Tessa too, is an amazing and strong female character. I'm jealous of her life, and also want to be her best friend.

My one problem is the main character in The Mortal Instruments. Clary bugs me because she's so irrational. She jumps into action without thinking it through at all. Maybe it's meant to be considered brave, but she ends up doing something dumb. She is not useful in a fight and has little ability to defend for herself in her magical world. Why does she rush into battle when she can't fight? She's not helping, but making it worse, so Clary can be annoying that way.

Thank you for bearing with my little speech. If you have any comments, want to give an opinion, or bring up your thoughts on a different fandom, post them! I know that there are so many other great fandoms that I didn't mention.


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